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Return To Your Roots [Tenno Lore Missions]


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Hey aaaaall

Ok so I had this idea of integrating lore based missions into the solar system

How iz would work

Imagine every 1st mission on a planet to be replaced with a lore based mission

Or every now and then you would get like an alert request with no timer that would name that lore mission and Yo would be able to play trough it

(example: mission 1 - haydens legacy)

Since the tenno forgot who they are because of the cryosleep they probably wanna find out what they were and for who they were working, right?

So over the course all the speculations would be revealed (or not).

We would also find out who lotus is and if she's evil or not (DE I demand a plot twist)

We would also discover the creation/past of the orokin, grineer, corpus and infested

And even the stalker

If some of you played Starcraft 2 Heart of the swarm you will totally get how i want this to look

I was also thinking of DE making an animated series but it might be to expensive so I recommend a comic instead

PS: sorry for typos I'm on my phone

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