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Lots Of Suggestions To Stances


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As of now,most stances only have one-combo that isn´t really all that worth it to pull of,and doesnt really help you in most situations.

Here are my suggestions to a few stance mods:



-The smashing finish of "taking Flight" should make a frontal wave wich blinds all enemies in its path

-Another combo "Vicious Beak" would be E-E-E + *up arrow*-E

This combo bassicaly makes you flip into the air and come down with your blade ripping through anything infront of you.



-The "Echo" of the combo finisher needs to have WAY more range and needs to knock opponents down.

-A new combo "Quake Fist" would be E-E + *down arrow*-E

This combo makes the Tenno punch the ground with their fist,dealing AoE damage and knocking opponents down



-The "Northern Coil" combo wich makes you dash forward with you swords has a really awkward hitbox,I propose that it is changed to "Dance of Blades" wich is bassicaly going to carry you a short distance and at the end of th travel,you perform a quick whirwin attack



-Feels like it has less range than it looks,might need to increase the range of the thrown Scythe.

-New combo "Hook Lift" would be E-E-E-E + *up arrow*-E-E

This combo hurls the opponent up into the air with an uppercut and brings them down with smashing force again.

That´s about it for now,I also propose that the special "combo finishes" deal more damage than standard attacks.

Thanks for reading!

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