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I Need Help With A Couple Of Builds. Snipe V- Dex F/despair - Fangs



I'm making an anti-grineer weapon set for high level defense missions, however I suck at modding. Anybody care to help? Tell me how much to level each mod and in which polarity slot I should put it.

Try to keep formaing to a minumum.

I don't have any event mods (besides sniper ammo mutation).

Each weapon is potatoed.

Nightmare mods can be used, since I have the time to farm pretty much every one of them. But try to keep them at a minimum too. (I have lethal torrent)

The weapons I have:

Primary: Snipertron Vandal


Secondary: Despair/Dex Furius


Which one should I use?

Melee: Fang/fang prime


Which stance do you think works better?


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