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Black Screen


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Lately, I've been getting black screens while playing.  They only happen when I'm in a mission with other Tenno after being in the mission for a varying amount of time.  Note that I can still play, just that I'm unable to see anything.  This doesn't happen when I'm in a mission alone, or in the main menu/lobby.

I don't know the source of the problem, but I've tried uninstalling/downloading though both Steam and the individual client. Neither seems to be working.  I'm unsure as to what I should be doing at this point.  Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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if you running an AMD video card it may be a power issue as the latest beta driver is broke and wont allow for any overclock  (even factory overclock).

however...if you go to guru3d they have the yet to be released 14.4 catalyst driver (press release leaked)..this has solved any black/grey screens on amd cards..hope that helps

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