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Affinity Booster Issue


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Last night my brother and I bought an Affinity Booster for 3 days

My brother has no problem with it we just finish 20 waves and he gets almost 1000xp but for me nothing changed i sometimes dont see any difference and sometimes it gives me almost 100 xp as if there is no Boost

We installed the game together we play together but each problem comes only to me :( i feel its a message to stop playing this game

Now i almost lost my first day the time is running and only 2days are left

The time is running and i dont get any serious xp as i was planning

I wish it can be fixed

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"We just finished 20 waves and he gets almost 1000xp" be more specific with your values. 20 waves of anything nets waaaay more than 1,000xp. Affinity boosters simply provide 2x XP. Are you receiving 50xp for enemy type A while he nets 100? Just attempting to clarify.

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I may still have a problem with XP bar, i sent them before and they solved it as they said, it wasnt Ranking Up, now i cannot see difference before and after paying for a boost, it doesnt matter how much it gives exactly if i see the huge difference between me and my brother then it means my problem is worse than what i thought.

i played many different missions and the difference between us was huge and my XP was normal or has bug but i thought it was normal!!, we played even tower 3 defense and survivor i got for some of my gears over 100.000 xp but for my profile's Rank was almost 100xp

In tower 3 defense he got 1200xp and all what i got less than 100xp

I get this 100xp even before Affinity Booster! So maybe my issue isnt fixed yet

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