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Greetings, fellow Tenno!

Listed below mods are unranked, if not marked otherwise.
If you're willing to buy some Common/Uncommon mod not listed here, feel free to ask
me and i'll look if i have any ^_^

The prices aren't iron. I can make a little discount, if you buy a pack of 3 mods.
Contact me by either messaging me via forum or leaving a response in this topic!

Happy hunting!


I'M USUALLY ONLINE OR ON THE FORUMS AT 16:00 - 00:00 GMT +2 (Eastern European Time)



Mods that I accept for trade:
Narrow Minded

Blind Rage




Prime Parts & Blueprints:


Ember Prime BP - 5p

Frost Prime Helm - 5p

Mag Prime Helm - 5p

Braton Prime Stock - 5p

Sicarus Prime Barrel - 5p





Warframe Mods:


Antitoxin (x3) - 1p
Continuity (x4) - 5p
Constitution (x4) - 5p
Diamond Skin (x28) - 1p
Fast Deflection (x16) - 1p
Flow (x8) - 5p
Flame Repellent (x10) - 1p
Fortitude (x8) - 3p
Intensify (x3) - 5p
Lightning Rod (x8) - 1p
Master Thief (x3) - 8p

Natural Talent (x1) - 20p
Quick Rest (x8) - 1p
Reflex Guard (x2) - 3p
Rush (x13) - 1p
Steel Fiber (x5) - 2p
Streamline (x6) - 5p
Stretch (x18) - 1p
Undying Will (x5) - 3p
Vigor (x1) - 5p

Rifle Mods:

Bane Of Corpus (x1) - 2p
Bane Of Grineer (x3) - 2p
Charged Chamber (x2) - 3p
Cryo Rounds (x10) - 1p
Eagle Eye (x4) - 1p
Hammer Shot (x3) - 20p

Heavy Caliber (x2) - 20p
Hellfire (x10) - 1p
Infected Clip (x5) - 1p
Metal Auger (x4) - 3p
Serration (x18) - 3p
Shred (x5) - 3p
Sniper Ammo Mutation (x1) - 3p
Speed Trigger (x60) - 1p
Split Chamber (x1) - 15p
Stabilizer (x2) - 2p
Stormbringer (x2) - 10p

Tainted Mag (x1) - 3p
Vital Sense (x2) - 5p
Wildfire (x3) - 3p

Shotgun Mods:

Chilling Grasp (x10) - 1p
Cleanse Grineer (x6) - 2p
Cleanse Infested (x22) - 2p
Incendiary Coat (x5) - 2p
Point Blank (x13) - 1p
Ravage (x3) - 3p
Shell Compression (x10) - 3p

Shotgun Ammo Mutation (x1) - 3p
Tactical Pump (x2) - 5p

Bow Mods:

Arrow Mutation (x1) - 3p
Thunderbolt (x8) - 5p

Pistol Mods:

Barrel Diffusion (x1) - 15p
Convulsion (x30) - 1p
Deep Freeze (x11) - 2p
Expel Corpus (x3) - 2p
Expel Infested (x4) - 2p
Gunslinger (x8) - 2p
Hawk Eye (x4) - 1p
Heated Charge (x25) - 1p
Hornet Strike (x9) - 3p
Ice Storm (x6) - 5p
Lethal Torrent (x5) - 5p

Magnum Force (x1) - 7p

Pathogen Rounds (x1) - 3p
Steady Hands (x1) - 5p
Stunning Speed (x6) - 3p

Melee Mods:

Corrupt Charge (x2) - 5p

Energy Channel (x2) - 5p
Finishing Touch (x6) - 2p
Focus Energy (x9) - 5p
Killing Blow (x4) - 3p
Quick Return (x10) - 1p
Reflex Coil (x7) - 2p
Smite Corpus (x7) - 2p
Smite Grineer (x30) - 2p
Smite Infested (x7) - 2p
Rending Strike (x3) - 5p

Second Wind (x2) - 1p
Sundering Strike (x6) - 2p

Sentinel Mods:

Fast Deflection (x17) - 1p
Guardian (x20) - 1p
Spare Parts (x5) - 1p

Aura Mods:

Corrosive Projection (x3) - 5p
Enemy Radar (x3) - 5p

Energy Siphon (x0) - 10p
Infested Impendance (x2) - 3p
Physique (x6) - 5p
Rejuvenation (x2) - 5p
Rifle Amp (x2) - 5p
Rifle Scavenger (x1) - 3p
Shield Disruption (x1) - 5p
Sniper Scavenger (x4) - 3p
Speed Holster (x3) - 3p
Steel Charge (x2) - 10p


Stance Mods:

Reaping Spiral (x4) - OFFER

Shimmering Blight (x1) - OFFER

Swirling Tiger (x1) - OFFER




Fusion Cores:

Fusion Core (Rare, Rank 5) (x50) - 2p

Legendary Core - 400p

Edited by Ryuji-kun
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