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More Dark Sectors?


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Ok its not what you think I mean. Not "ADD MORE DARK SECTORS THAN 2 PER WORLD!" No! Just no! I mean extra territories connecting to the Dark Sectors. So here is how it works.

Step 1:

Have a Dark Sector - Self-Explanatory

Step 2:

Two more territories unlocked - So now you unlocked 2 territories connected to your Dark Sector. You can chose only ONE of the territories. Challengers cannot raid the Solar Rail until they completed these missions. 

- Reactor Facility

- Defensive Blockade

Reactor Facility is a facility where your Solar Rail is protected by a shield. This is useful because if a challenger wants to raid it would require them to destroy the shield reactor/generator in this mission first. In other words a sabotage mission.

Fort is a facility where a platoon unit is placed with a job to defend the Solar Rail from the OUTSIDE. It can be known as a extermination mission to eliminate 200 enemies. Tenno Specters can be put in this mission by the clan/alliance's choice to put them in. However if you decide to put them in the mission they will not appear in the Solar Rail.

Step 3:

After choosing one of the each you can choose one last territory stretching from there. And with another option of 2 more territory types judged by the last territory you chosen. Again you only can chose ONE! If you chose a third territory the challenger cannot access the above territories until they have finished the below ones. 

- Reactor Facility ====> Forgotten Ruins or Communication Station

- Fort ====> Barracks or 

Forgotten Sector is the Dark Sector itself transformed into a spy mission. The clan has hidden the location of their Reactor Facility. You must complete this mission to get to the Reactor Facility. 

Communication Station is a coms station where they transmit messages with each other. Again the location of the Reactor Facility is hidden. This is a deception mission in where you must foul the enemy in giving you the location by putting in the datamas in the radio. You must complete this mission to get to the Reactor Facility.

Barracks is a place where all the Specters are guarding in. It is a extermination mission to kill all specters. If you make this territory you cannot have specters in the for nor the the Solar Rail. This mission must be completed to acess Fort.

Outpost is a mini-fort or a camp outside the fort. Two specters can be found here for a capture mission. However the specters used in this mission will not be found in Solar Rail or the fort. The specters in this mission will have x1.5 the HP, Shield, Armor & Dmg. Best not to alert them. This mission must be completed to access Fort.

Step 4:

Congratz u have made a empire in one territory.


Notes to Make:

- Of course making these territories will take up resources.

- Time to build each territory type for a clan will be 12 hours. 24 hours if you are a alliance.

- If Alliance owns the dark sector instead of a clan, then resources will be doubled (x2)

- 3rd Territory missions will need to be completed 3/3 (5/5 if challenger is alliance) times to advance on. 

- 2nd Territory missions will need to be completed 5/5 (10/10 if challenger is alliance) times to advance on.

- Volunteering players no in the clans/alliances in the conflict's games will count as 0.1 of each game. For Ex 0.1/3 so  volunteers must do 10 times to get it to 1/3.

- Since clan wars takes 3 days I think this is makes for a fair war!


How about the Challengers? Isnt this unfair for them?

Now I know the challenger's Solar Rail can be attacked too. So here is what I thought up to fix that solution. When the challenger has beaten a territory the territory becomes their's for the time being. These missions are going to be called Ruins. A extermination mission. Each ruins they can decide to put only specters, only MOAs or both. If they put only specters they can't do it for the next ruin. Does not apply to MOAs or both. The defending side cannot attack the challenger unless the Ruins are their's again. Basicly this will be a giant interception or conquest mode. Notes also apply to this.


What does the community think?

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