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Weapon Accuracy For Penta


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see this : http://thimg.cdn.todayhumor.co.kr/upfile/201404/b2b9d717a2cd942438a7d74c2f7b8cb9.png

same logic on ogris

we can't control granade's bounce if the granade hits the target,

so the more accurate it hits the enemy, the easier to suicide,

and likely less effective to kill.

I think 'hit the target' judge

should be at explosion, not the granade itself.

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  I believe what you're getting at is basically an 'Immediate explosion when grenade directly hits an enemy,' which admittedly would be a very handy addition, or a future possibility for if they expand weapon utility a few updates down.


  I really enjoy trajectory-based weaponry though, so I actually have loads of fun even just bouncing grenades at enemies' feet/off walls. One way to somewhat prevent the random bouncing off enemies though is to simply put a Mod on there that includes Punch-Through. Makes the grenade go through the enemy (as well as the occasional wall, ramp or door) for some basic damage, and generally prevents the grenade just bouncing right back at you.

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