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Solar Rails, Occupancy


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I've had a beautiful epiphany about the solar rails.


The vast majority of things i'm reading is that it there is no real reward for keeping the node. it's a vicious credit sinking cycle.


Here is the thing that could change all that:


IF you are part of the alliance/clan (occupant) you can still run the dark sector missions. just make it like a nightmare node, a menu pops up and you can select fight challenger or play mission.


This grants the owners of the nodes 100% access to the node regardless of contention. all others must wait for the deployment period to get their share. (like the current system is working).


This does several things:


1. you get to enjoy your mission, (and why shouldn't you, your rail isn't destroyed, its contested!)


2. taxes on your clan members pays for the repairs. so even if you aren't fighting the challenger, you can still help you team out.


3. you now have a reason to keep it.



Now you have real reason to own this territory; you shouldn't be blocked out if you are the occupant of it.


+1 this.

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From the in-game codex, "lore" of sorts:


"Deploying a second Solar Rail within close proximity of another causes interference with the Void-Disruption technology used to reach the Dark Sectors. This prevents other Tenno from accessing those regions of space while both Solar Rails are active."


EDIT: I don't mean it's a bad idea... just wanted to put that out there.

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