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Warframe, The War On Frames.


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This game has gotten out of control, I've taken a break from the game I've been playing other games on my pc and my ps4 lately. Warframe is one of my favorite games right now, got about 300 hours on it on ps4(played it on pc before but couldn't run it, due to what do ya know? FPS). Now I'm encountering these same problems on PS4, I have to play solo in order to play smoothly and when that gets boring, and i switch to online....the fps drops happen and the errors since update 12. Now I'm wondering why? can't be my internet because i have the same internet powering my devices that i've had for years, and prior to update 12 never existed. I just would like to know, when will DE dedicate a larger team to work on this if ever? Are you guys just going to dismiss all these problems? I don't even wanna turn the game on until i hear from the actual players that the game works now and I'm afraid that when that does happen another game might come out and just steer me away from this masterpiece.



Please fix the game .

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