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Prime Parts Reduced To Regular Parts.


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So this is exactly what happened to me. I recently started trading on warframe, and noticed that my 2 Ember prime helmets, 1 Ember prime systems, 2 Ember prime Blueprints and 1 Mag prime systems are now the same items without the prime extension.
I'm unsure on when it happened, I'm guessing somewhere around the DDoS attacks and all the server problems that DE had, but I'm pretty sure I never bought Ember, let lone 2 of them. As I was hunting for my own Ember prime I got some duplicates, which are now regular Ember parts.
And I had Mag as my starting frame some time ago, so I wouldn't buy/farm another one that's for sure.
If there's a possibility of checking my shopping history, you'll find out that what I'm saying is true, and after that I'd like my prime parts back.

Thanks in advance,

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