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Funny Story Of How I Got My Last Detron Part.


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Weak Attica

Weak Nikana

Fairly Strong Tysis








The survival on Venus - planetside.  (Solo mode)



FPS:  20-30 FPS which it has been at a lot since U13.



I'm in a fairly large room...where those Frigates come flying in and those platforms drop down.  Screen starts to flicker so I think...what now Stalker??  Then Harvester pokes his head on the screen.  I panic and run to the life support to give me some buffer time while I fight the Harvester.  I cloak about four times and get him down to 1/2 health - he debuffed my cloaks.  I should've used Radial Disarm since I was being shot at by a lot of Moas and Crewmen.  Oh well.  So then I lose my shields and lose them again.  I drop down to ~45 health.  Run!  I ran away to a different room to recover shields.  They didn't pursue me...so I opened the door and shot a few times at the Harvester to lower his health some more.  Repeated that 3x...  But someone gets a lucky shot at me and I begin to bleed.


I don't die but fall into Bleedout mode.  RAGE!  But wait, the Harvest comes over to me and wants a pat on the head so I empty my Tysis into him and he dies while I'm bleeding out.  I get the parts, die, and revive.



And, the progress saved.



TL;DR:  Fall into bleedout mode while solo and kill the Harvester in bleedout.  Get parts and revive.




That was nerve-wracking and fun.






P.S.  This isn't weapon feedback so don't move it Tulzscha.



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That's what confused me the most.  I thought it is insta-death in solo mode.  And it was solo because I could pause.



EDIT:  Maybe it was a stealth change in one of the newer updates.  We all know about stealth changes...

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