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Room Won't Queue For Destruction!


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Hey there,well we were all excited about the new tiles for the Dojo and most of the Owners are redecorating...

All excited myself i started destroying rooms to start anew! All is going good up until i try to delete a Grand Hall which tells me "This component has child components and therefore cannot be queued for destruction.Would you like to mark on the minimap the rooms that should be destroyed first?"

Click Yes it takes me a Elevator Down and asking me to delete my only Reactor - and also points at my Greater Hall which by the way when i try to delete it It says "Could not queue component for destruction because it is a prerequisite for other components - delete those components first!"


There must be something totally wrong here can we please get a hearing? :)



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Is it the spawn room? can't destroy the spawn, move it first.


You can't leave orphaned rooms behind either, so you have to destroy from the edges towards the spawn if that makes sense.


Yes you are right mate!It was the spawn room!

Is it a bug that it's not showing the correct message or isn't there this kind of message? If there isin't one it should be implemented :) Thanks again!

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Well in theory if you started destroying those rooms you'd be left with only that hall left, though you can't do that because you need the smaller halls to have the larger.


Set smallest hall as the spawn, then re-build

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