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Deconstructor And Melee 2.0 Mods...


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There are some questions on my mind regarding this fun weapon and the new melee update.

You can equip all mods to it regarding channeling, but does helios really channel, when you are?

Probably not, so this seems worthless to equip channel mods. At least I couldn't find any evidence, that Killing Blow does something or that Life Strike steals HP as well for the sentinel while I am channeling.

It would be a nice touch though. On the other hand, you can eqiup quickening for faster attacks without having drawbacks, I guess.

(Come on DE, why is parry even available for a sentinel weapon? xD)

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So I have found that several melee mods are not working on deconstructor. While majority work on it, there are a handful that dont. Seem's to be melee mods that have a negative effect on channelling do not allow the positive effect work. Also whirlwind doesnt seem to have an effect. I believe that whirlwind should do for Helios what it does for the glaive.  

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