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Two Things About The Forums


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Hey Tennos!


Possible Website/Forum Mistake?

•Today, I recently decided to view my profile, as I haven't in a while. I changed my timezone to the correct one, and at the bottom, clicked "Save Changes". Once I headed back to the main site, I couldn't view my profile. Usually, when you clicked your name in the top right, it would bring you to a page and show Recent Visitors, Recent Posts, etc. However, this did not happen once I returned to the main page/homepage. What did happen was, when I went to click my name, it brought down a drop-down window and it listed: Account Management, Logout, and Change Password. There was no "view profile" or anything. How come this isn't an option?


The Website/Forum UI

•This is a pretty short and simple question. The UI doesn't look as nice as it is in the game. Could we possibly tweak the UI elements to the in game aspects? I enjoy the smooth UI in the game. The site brings me back to U11's UI :s.


[size=4]EDIT: Is there no "View Profile" because the Homepage & Forum profiles are separate? I noticed when in the Forums, you can click your name and it brings you to the page that shows "Edit My Profile". On the Homepage, though, it shows the drop-down window. Is it possible we could list these on the Homepage & Forums: Account Management, View My Profile, Logout, and Change Password? Because I don't think they need to be separate; otherwise, why would they need to be?[/size]

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