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Mauraders Clan


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Hello I am one of the leaders of this clan.


We have a great alliance with over 100+ clans and inside our dojo we have dueling rooms, and all the research labs done , We are looking for active Tenno to play in our clan.


The leaders of this clan are

jmlet4297 (me)

BastionOmega (First Leader)


We are the most active in the clan. The main and only rule in our clan is to be one and not inactive for a whole 90 days. At that point ou will be kicked from the clan. Bastion and I are high ranked players me being 11 and bastion being 10 we have strong weapons and will try to ssist you whenever we can. Ty for reading and have a great day! :D


Pm me or bastion with the names above if you so wish to join.

Also our alliance name is The Origin Protectorate so you know what alliance it is and have an idea of ow big it is.


Good luck tenno and have fun! :D

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