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Soul Dynasty (A New Mercantile Clan)


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Soul Dynasty! A fresh new clan with plenty of work to done and platinum to be made. Dojo and research, and construction still need to be completed. (When I say new, I mean quite literally today, like an hour ago.) My goal is that we eventually rise beyond Shadow Clan status, but I can settle with below thirty people at the start.


Now, the reason I call this a mercantile clan is primarily based on the fact that I want us to dominate the markets one day. Gain fame and fortune as a noble trader, plus even manage to impact the economy in positive/negative ways. Now, despite our humble merchant nature, I do plan to engage in Dark Sector conflicts one day. Those who control the flow of credits can direct the tides of war.


Rules: (Most of these should be common knowledge)

1. Don't be an &#! (To customers)

2. Don't attempt to steal someone's customer when they arrive in our dojo.

3. Respect your fellow merchants.


Other bits of Info:

1. Anyone from new to experienced are welcomed in Soul Dynasty.

2. You are not required to help build the dojo, but I will certainly appreciate it if you do.

3. As stated before, this is a new clan. There will be quite a bit of construction before we are arrive at a decent state.


Info will be updated as time progresses. I hope to see you in Soul Dynasty, and I hope you profit from your time with us.

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