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Psn Dlc Problem.


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I have been playing Warframe on my PS4 since Feb and I really enjoy it even though It's a bit buggy and most of the add on's require platinum or to buy them directly from the PSN store, So when I get the chance to get that stuff free, I jump at the chance. So here's my problem. Two weeks after I really was getting into the game, I was told about the Starter pack and what it came with only to find out that I never got any of that stuff. I did download the starter pack the moment I started the game and nothing. So I was fine with it. For a while. Since then, I received 3 codes from friends to get 50 plat each from friends who got them on PSN Home. Only one worked. The codes go in fine and say that the purchas has been made, but nothing. I contacted Sony about this and they say that it shows in my records but they don't know what's wrong. They then told me to contact DE. I tried but I can't find any way to do so. At least, no way to contact them about this type of problem. Is anyone else having this issue? Platinum gets expensive and I have very little money. I hate that to think this is happening a lot.  

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