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Some Suggestions On Mechanics


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1.  Currently, the power selection and current power level is shown in the lower right of the screen.  Unfortunately, this is also where Steam puts their notifications that friends have signed or or have sent you a message.  This isn't really a Warframe problem but it does cause confusion when you look down to check your power level and find a steam message that doesn't clear until you have to take a guess.  If possible, I'd suggest moving the power selection and status level up a bit to clear the Steam notification area.  


2.  Clan invites--I've received several and, other than putting the person who extended the invite to the third degree, have no idea of the size of the clan or any statistics about it.  What alliances, if any, it is in; how many members are there; what are the prerequisites for joining other than being invited by a random stranger during a pick up game...etc.  There really needs to be some way to research clans so that you can make an intelligent selection.


3.  Dark Sectors--I'm not in a clan so I have no idea of how resources are allocated to support your side in a fight but, as an outsider, I'm irritated by a lot of "conflicts" where neither side is offering any incentive to fight for them.  I think the most I've seen on offer is about 500 credits or so.  Excuse me, I'm a mercenary.  I don't even get out of bed for 500 credits, especially when the starting missions on Mercury offer more.  Why should I bust my butt for no reward?  Either there needs to be a minimum fee (perhaps per planet) or the means of incentivisng Tenno to fight for you needs to be revised.

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