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New Stuck Glitch


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Happening in a Tower 3 Exterminate group I joined from recruit chat. Upon joining with my Hydroid (loading being my Gorgon Wraith, Lex Prime, and Dragon Nikana, if useful) I went into a room to find a heavy gunner in my face. It smashed the ground, and my Hydroid raised my Gorgon as if it were a sword and "Blocked" the ground slam. Afterwards my character slid and my screen moved as if I were knocked down, but I never fell. Afterwards I was stuck for the entire mission, unable to move, aim, switch weapons, activate abilities, shoot, or jump. It was as if I was in a permanent knockdown state, even though I wasn't knocked down. Only thing I could think caused it was my Fortitude mod I was using to resist knockdowns, and somehow it glitched and was resisted and unresisted at the same time, or some nonsense.

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