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Duel Room Bugs


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Today I got on, and was excited to test my weapons in the duel room with my clanmates. Now, there have been bugs in the duel room for a while, teleporting outside of the energy dome, or freezing where you die, but they don't happen too often, so I never had reason to complain. But today, when we initiated the first fight, it ended with the spots to challenge another player gone, no option to initiate a duel, the timer still showing, and my opponent still being able to use his weapons. So we left and rejoined the dojo, headed upstairs, and did another duel. And the same thing happened. After about an hour, the same glitch happened, but it gave the prompt to start another duel. So we tried that. Upon beginning this duel, my weapons were all removed, and I was unable to attack, while my opponent was completely untouched by any glitches. So I tried again, several hours later, and these two glitches still persist. I'm new to the forums, and so I'm not 100% sure if I'm doing this in the right area or format, but we all really enjoy dueling in my clan, and it's come as a great disappointment to us that we can't without the major inconvenience of everyone rejoining the dojo after every 30s - 2m fight. Please help.

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