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Dark Sector Conflict Mission Message Bug


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Planet :Pluto

Mission: Hieracon - Dark Sector Survival Infested And Tenno Conflict

Clan: Shadows of Vegeance VS AngelsBR


Info:I was on this mission and has a bug that happened that their message.


Enemy Clan Message image:xl4oeNO.jpg


this message is totally normal Now that message is that the bug ?


Friendly Clan Message: xu8pqIm.jpg


this is the bug to see near the right picture to understand the possible


PS : Sorry im testing to fight Shadows and Angels xD

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If I understand what you're trying to get at, I've seen the same bug. the bug is this:


once you complete the mission, the alliance/clan you fought for sends you a message, and that warframe in their message is overlaid over the frame from the other alliance/clan's message (the first message)


with ember, it's not super noticeable, but if the first frame is loki, well, the hammerhead is pretty noticeably overlaid on the next frame's model. kinda cool, nekros+loki looked pretty sweet. I'll see if I can find a node whose warlords are using loki and nekros to snap a screenie

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