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Stalker Spawn



I'm trying to understand how the stalker spawns.


Some say its a small percentage per player while others say you have to accumulate points before he spawns.



others say "i have 5 marks"


Ive had try survival and defense thats usually my best chances of getting him to spawn, is that accurate cuz i hear he has an equal chance of spawning on any map.



does having more marks on you get him to spawn quicker?


what about the percentage vs points thing?



Anything else i should know about how he spawns.



I'm asking because i have been hosting Stalker runs for the past 4 hrs and he has spawned only once.

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Stalker spawns if you kill a boss. For every player that is marked the chances of stalker spawning increases. I'm not sure about the chance of him spawning per player (Might wanna wiki that) but when people say they have 5 marks, it means that they have killed AT LEAST 5 different bosses. When stalker appears then one of those marks are consumed and he can then appear to the marks you have respectively. But don't get the wrong idea, having 10 marks is no different then have 20. It won't increase the chance of him spawning but instead get rid of the hassle of killing another boss(Although it's not that much of a hassle.) 

I heard that he spawns depending on points as well. I also heard that he spawns on defense missions quite a bit. Although I don't really play defense missions anymore, I have seen him on a LOT of survival runs. 

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kill bosses and you are marked, if you aren't marked yet you get a email from the stalker saying he is going to attack you.


now, you have a 1% chance for the stalker to spawn in the mission, this increases by (I think) .5% per person marked also in your game, so the max would be 2.5% chance of him spawning in your game.


being "marked" only means you have the chance of him coming. the reason people say they are marked is when farming a stalker or any other enemy with the same spawn pattern  you want all 4 players to be marked.

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