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I want:


Crimson Dervish / Stalking Fan / Gleaming Talon / Cleaving Whirlwind


I accept trading it for any of these itens bellow (pm me to negociate):


I have:



akbronco prime bp - 15p

bronco prime bp - 5p

Boltor prime Receiver - 5p

burston prime stock - 5p

glaive prime bp - 10p

gaive prime disc - 5p

dakra prime blade - 10p

fang prime blade - 10p

Boar Prime bp - 5p

Boar Prime Stock - 5p

Boar Prime Receiver - 5p

orthos prime blueprint - 5p

orthos prime handle - 5p

paris prime lower limb - 5p

paris prime grip - 10p

paris prime string - 10p

latron prime receiver - 5p

sicarus prime barrel - 5p

sicarus prime bp - 5p

mag prime chassis - 5p

braton prime bp - 5p

braton prime stock - 5p

ember prime chassis - 5p

ember prime helmet - 10p

ember prime bp - 5p

frost prime bp - 5p

frost prime helmet - 10p

rhino prime system - 10p



Heavy Caliber - 20p

Fever Strike - 20p

Quickering - 20p

Life Strike - 10p

Stormbringer - 10p

Energy Siphon - 10p

Steel Charge - 10p

Rejuvenation - 10p

Hell's Chamber - 10p

Spoiled Strike - 10p

Constitution - 10p

Corrupt Charge - 10p

Critical Delay - 10p

Barrel Difusion 10p

Split Chamber - 10p

Tainted Shell - 10p

Heavy Trauma - 10p

Ice Storm - 10p

Rifle Ammo Mutation - 10p

Shred - 10p

Stunning Speed - 10p

Arrow Ammo Mutation - 5p

Sniper Ammo Mutation - 5p

Seeker - 5p

Wildfire - 5p

Intensify - 5p

Vital Sense - 5p

Streamline - 5p

Fired up - 5p

Metal Auger - 5p

Accelerated Blast - 5p

Melee Channel - 5p

Thunderbolt - 5p

Flow - 5p

Stunning Speed - 5p


PM me in game. If you don't find me, add me in game and i'll send you a msg.

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