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Can't Take Mastery Missions.


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Not an issue with me, but with a friend. 

When he starts a mission to increase his rank, after clicking to start it, he can't do anything, because nothing happens. Then when he relogs it says it's used up and he failed and he has to wait another 24 hours.


It would be great if I could get an answer for this, He's quite annoyed by the problem and DE hasn't responded to his Support request.

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Yeah, this seems to be a pretty... common problem lately. I've gone through it twice now, so here's what I know doesn't work:

1. Killing the enemies in the room, is not a workaround.
2. Surviving until the timer runs out without killing anything, is not a workaround.

My advice:
Might as well not take the rank up test until they issue a hotfix for it, or keep trying and hope that the metaphorical coin turns up tails instead of lodging itself into the eye.

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