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[Event:] How Vay Hek Stole Christmas!


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"Vay Hek has shot down and captured Santa Claus. Work with the Corpus and shoot your way to Santa!"


it's like 5000 years away from christmas so ya

or something i'll also update this


Vay Hek will be located on Earth, Everest (or wherever he'll go). First you need to go through 5 missions then 1 rescue-assasination mission. This event alert or whatever is non-canon and 'just for the fun of it'.


day 1: Gaia Extermination (128 enemies)


"Grineer are here. Leave no one standing."

pls do it 3 times and you get 1.5k credits


day 2: Oro Sabotage


"The Grineer are using the Orokin technology recovered from Santa's sleigh. Destroy the database (like wher the tech stuff is because u cant destroy sleigh!!! poisoning the database or whatever like , and many discoveries will be halted."


day 3: Eurasia Survival


"Tenno operatives on the otherside of the settlement are chasing down a target vital for our quest. Distract the guards."


day 4: Pacific defense


"Another part of the sleigh has been found. Defend the technology until extraction arrives."


day 5: capture


"These targets know the location to Vay Hek and where he's keeping Santa hostage. Take the infomation and get to extraction."


day 6; rescue-assasination


"Assasinate Vay Hek, get the target and get to extraction."


vay hek quotes


"This system does not need a fat senile old man, rotting in a box in the Northen Hemisphere!"

"We shall use his Orokin Technology for our own!"

idk - "Santa didn't give me a Fomorian ship!"


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