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[Feedback]:on Rarity Of Stances And Their Solutions


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First thing first,I know there are many threads discussing about this. But I decided to make another thread including solutions.



I have 24 Stances now,excluding Crimson Dervish,Gnashing Payara and Homing Fang. And to be honest,I only got 4 while playing(played for the last 5 days at places where we can farm these). The other 20 Stances are either from Transmutation or trading different Primes,mods etc.


So we can safely say that Stance Mods are really rare,even the uncommon ones.


=>Now,many mods are rare,then what's the problem with Stances being rare?

    Problem with Stances being rare is that,unlike other mods which enhance you Warframes and Weapons,Stances are a necessity. If we dont have,say,Streamline,we can still use abilities or say,Split Chamber, we can still shoot with our primary.

But,if we dont have stances,we cant do a single combo. What this essentially means is that a large majority of players who are not Tenno Farmers,instead are normal Tennos,are not being able to enjoy Melee 2.0.


=>How the problem arose?

    Problem of RNG existed in Warframe from the first day. What made it worse was enormous amount of mods being added to same enemies' drop table while we get very few new enemies.This diluted the drop tables to the point where we only get Well of Life and Ripline. I dont know whose idea was it to make Stances rare,but I can say it wasn't a very good idea. There was no reason to make us farm Powerfists and Nauseous Crawlers just to be able enjoy Melee 2.0.



     In general,what needs to be done is that distribute the drop tables across different missions,instead of adding it to same enemies,especially,mods which are needed to enjoy the game and are basic mods needed like Stances,Serration,Hornet Strike.


Solution 1- Simplest of all,give the stances when we make a melee weapons. Only downside is that it will be too easy.


Solution 2- Move all Stances to Invasion Rewards. Something like Tranquil Cleave vs Gleaming Talon. It will be timed

                  like the Aura Mods we get from Alerts. A little harder to obtain than Solution 1.


Solution 3(Best solution IMO)- Remove normal rewards from Dark Sector Defense and Survival. Instead,for now let

                                                   the rewards be just Stances,Channeling Mods and ofcourse credits cache(in Survival

                                                    only). This will have DE's favourite RNG but wont be as hard as now to get stances.

                                                   Also when new stances are released,those will be added in place of Credit Cache.

                                                    Another thing which can be done along with the above is that,let the enemies from the

                                                   Dark Sector mission drop Stances and other rares mods which are very hard to get

                                                   in normal missions.


Solution 4- What?! You guys want to make it harder than Solution 3?! OK,add stances to Tenno Spectres' drop table.

                    As of now,they dont drop a damn thing. Fits right? They do the combos,they die and give us the Stances.

                     Only problem with this is that we need to have conflicts(which we have plenty of now) among Solar Rails.

                     This would also lead to a greater number of people playing the Conflicts mission,even if the Battle pay isnt great.



That was all I could think of. Now I hope DE take a notice of this thread. Also I would be happy if other Tennos come up with other ideas to this problem too.


Thank You.

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