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Selling Mods And Parts.

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Vigor x2 *RARE*

Streamline x6 *RARE*

Flow x8 *RARE*

Intensify x2 *RARE*

Fortitude *RARE*

Natural Talent x2 *RARE*

Retribution *RARE*

Constitution *RARE*

Shock Absorbers *RARE*

Constitution *RARE*

Master Thief x2 *RARE*

Quick Thinking *RARE*



Charged Chamber x4

Ravage *RARE*

Metal Auger x2 *RARE*

Vital Sense x3 *RARE*

Accelerated Blast x4 *RARE*

Stabilizer *RARE*

Tainted Mag *RARE*

Hell's Chamber x5 *RARE*

Shred x2 *RARE*

Split Chamber x3 *RARE*

Firestorm *RARE*

Hammer Shot *RARE*

Rifle Ammo Mutation x2 *RARE*

Sniper Ammo Mutation x3 *RARE*

Shotgun Ammo Mutation x2 *RARE*

Arrow Mutation *RARE*



Lethal Torrent *RARE*

Stunning Speed x4 *RARE*

Barrel Diffusion *RARE*

Pathogen Rounds

Pistol Ammo Mutation x2 *RARE*

Steady Hands x3 *RARE*



Spoiled Strike *RARE*

Heavy Trauma x8 *RARE*

Focus Energy x4 *RARE*

Rending Strike x7 *RARE*

Sundering Strike x6 *RARE*

Jagged Edge x2 *RARE*

Power Throw *RARE*

Life Strike x2 *RARE*



Enemy Radar x2

Rifle Amp x3

Corrosive Projection

Sniper Scavenger x2

Energy Siphon



Frost Prime Helmet

Frost Prime Systems 


Rhino Prime Systems


Reaper Handle


Paris Prime Lower Limb


Boar Prime main BP


Burston Prime Barrel

Burston Prime Stock


Ember Prime main BP


Dakra Prime main BP


Boltor Prime Stock



Parts each go for 2p.

Uncommon tiered mods go for 5 platinum and Rare tiered for 15.

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