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Large Text Problem


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When the large text option is enabled, the chat window can run into word wrap problems which cause new responses in the chat window to become obstructed/cut off, this can happen randomly when entering game sessions or when shrinking/stretching the chat window by dragging the bottom right corner.


I'd like to add that this only happens when the chat window has reached enough responses/text where a scroll bar appears, so if you are to test this - make sure the chat window has enough responses/text where the scroll bar appears on the chat window.


When this problem occurred, my first instinct was to just open the chat window and scroll the chat log down so I can read the obstructed chat entry, but it just ceases to scroll down enough to reveal the obstructed chat entry. The only solution I've found to temporarily fix this (until it ultimately happens again) is to slightly stretch (or shrink) the chat window until the latest chat entry is visible, this is especially difficult when the chat window is active with new responses being added frequently, as you're constantly trying to get that sweet spot where the new response becomes visible (This is difficult for me to explain lol)


I'll update this post with a .gif showcasing this problem when I am able, as I'm afraid my description of this problem is hard to discern. Trust me, when you see it, you''ll see what I'm trying to explain lol


Sorry if this confuses you :D


Thanks for reading!


P.S: If anyone else knows what I'm talking about and feels they can explain it better than I can PLEASE, BE MY GUEST! This is a really frustrating bug, the faster this bug can be explained and understood, the faster it can be fixed


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I am experiencing this also. I found I have to post 2 "bumps" to get the original message viewable (not offscreen). Obviously that is not ideal. Currently I have reset text size to the default small to remedy the issue to be able to communicate ingame. I would appreciate a functioning large text chat though! :)

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