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-Magnolia- Welcome All Otakus And Avid Watchers Of Anime!


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We are currently recruiting for our clan "Magnolia"(from Fairy Tail), we are a shadow clan and are searching for more members.


YOU MUST PLAY WARFRAME ACTIVELY! THIS ISN'T JUST AN ANIME CLAN! We do many things aside from just talking about anime. We have active leaders and are looking for people that are decent at the game however we do accept those that are just starting. We help our lower ranked players with getting started and join in on Towers, OD, Events, etc. actively.


I am the current leader of Magnolia named Reaperchop. 


We Have:

-Almost all clan research(just missing a few things, mainly oxium stuff)

-Already fully laid out dojo with all new rooms

-Decorations galore in our dojo, all of which are done except for a few(Polymer = D:)

-Our clan emblem is the Fairy Tail logo


We are looking for:

-People who enjoy watching anime/reading manga(doesn't matter what genre)

-Anyone that needs help in choosing anime or recommendations of what to watch(I can easily do that for you)

All of the anime/manga I have watched/read.


-Anyone interested in starting to watch anime.



How to Join:

-Message me or if I'm not online then add me as a friend

-You could also respond on this forum post.


We look forward to seeing you in game.


We are quite a small clan but are looking to Branch outwards.

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