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Selling Rare & Corrupted Mods, Prime Bps


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corrupted mods :

corrupt charge 10 plats
spoiled strike 10 plats
tainted clip    5 plats
hollow point 5 plats
magnum force 5 plats
tainted shell 5 plats
vile precision 5 plats
vicious spread 10 plats
critical delay 5 plats
burdened magazine 5 plats
tainted mag 5 plats


auras 4 plats each:


enemy radar
speed holster
shield disruption
infested impedance
pistol scavenger


split chamber maxed 15 plats

split chamber unranked 10 plats


5 plats each:

melee channel
metal auger
rifle ammo mutation



spare parts


10 plats




coolant leak

fired up


10 plats each:

boar prime receiver

boltor prime stock

braton prime receiver

bronco prime barrel

burston prime stock

dakra prime blade

dakra prime handle

fang prime blade

frost prime bp

frost prime chassis bp

frost prime helmet bp

glaive prime blade

glaive prime disc

latron prime barrel

latron prime receiver

mag prime chassis bp

mag prime systems bp

orthos prime handle

paris prime bp

paris prime lower limb

paris prime string

sicarus prime barrel

sicarus prime receiver

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