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Recruitment Needs More.


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I've been thinking about it for a long time and recruiting for clans and now with the release of alliances we really badly need a dedicated portion of the game to go towards recruitment for these two parts of the game. Some people would most likely disagree with the success of clans like Broframe or Warbros and the Eclipse alliance as well as the other large alliances and clans out there. However for anyone either just starting out making their own clan or for those who've been around a while and haven't been able to get any recruits due to being drowned out in the noise of the larger clans. It's not to say everyone should have a thousand people in their clan, there has to be work put in and time spent to accumulate people for such a thing as a clan. however there is no direct way to look for clans who are recruiting in game other than Recruitment chat, which roughly 90% of is people recruiting for void missions among other things. We desperatley need either a UI implementation for those who dont have a clan to go into the game open the Clan UI and search for clans from all over the warframe community


Now if I'm not mistaken I do believe something along these lines was discussed in a live stream, I dont remember clearly if that was true or just me hoping that it were. Either way we need a section of the game to have something to advertise clans to: 1 people who dont have a clan and are looking for one and 2 people who are new to the game and have no idea that clans exist until they get a direct word about them form the mouth someone who knows about clans and how they work. Considering how large of a part clans play in the "endgame" and the trade system as well as in just weapons and other researched items it is necessary for us to have a tool with which OUTSIDE the forums and recruit chat can be used to bring in recruits or advertise your clan as recruiting.

Thanks for the time if you read, I apologize in advance for my little rant.

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