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Shared Unranked Mods Need To Be Shown When Upgrading Weapons


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I have encountered an annoying problem. I recently got a new melee weapon, and I have noticed that when I equip unranked mods to later upgrade them, the unranked mods that the game gives me to equip are already on other melee weapons that carry unranked mods.


An example would be:


I equip an unranked Reflex Coil out of the 50+ that I have available. However, the unranked mod is already equipped on another melee weapon and the game gives me that unranked mod to equip on my new melee weapon.


Basically, it appears that the game cannot differentiate unequipped unranked mods and equipped rank mods. Every time I want to upgrade an unranked mod that so happens to be equipped on another weapon because of the share feature, I am forced to go to my mod inventory, upgrade an unranked mod, and then search for it when upgrading my weapon. However, the same mod has ranked copies that show up alongside the unranked ones.


What I am saying is that it would be nice to have a category for shared mods, both ranked and unranked. That way, we can filter out shared ranked and unranked mods from not shared ranked and unranked mods.

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