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The 5 Plat Shop

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I'll be using this thread as a means to offer things I'd like to sell, at 5 plat. Some may be good deals, while others might not be worth the five. It depends on if you feel the price is right. All things listed here will be five platinum per item.


-Frost Prime Chassis Blueprint - x2
-Sicarus Prime Blueprint - x2
-Orthos Prime Blueprint - x1

-Orthos Prime Blade -x0 SOLD OUT

-Bolter Prime Stock -  x0 SOLD OUT

-Burston Prime Stock - x3

-Dakra Prime Handle - x1

-Sicarus Prime Barrel - x1

-Shotgun Scavenger(0) - x1

-Sniper Scavenger(0) - x1

-Speed Holster(0) - x1

-Dead Eye(0) - x1


-Accelerated Burst(0) - x1
-Burdened Magazine(0) - x1
-Energy Channel(0) - x1
-Fired Up(0) - x2
-Focus Energy(1) - x1
-Focus Energy(0) - x1
-Handspring(0) - x1
-Hell's Chamber(0) - x1
-Split Chamber(0) - x0 SOLD OUT
-Hollow Point(0) - x1
-Lethal Torrent(0) - x0 SOLD OUT
-Ice Storm(MAX) - x1
-Metal Auger(0) - x1
-Steady Hands(0) - x1
-Sundering Strike(0) - x1
-Wildfire(0) - x1
-Fortitude(0) - x2
-Shred(0) - x2
-Vigor(0) - x1

-Vital Sense(0) - x1

-Firestorm(0) - x1

-Burning Wasp(0) - x1

-Fracturing Wind(0) - x3
-Swirling Tiger(0) - x0 SOLD OUT

-Brutal Tide(0) - x1

I'll be regularly updating this topic with new things to sell. If you see something you like, let me know and we can work out a time to trade.

***Note: I do not take requests, pre-orders, or sell off shelf items. If it isn't listed here, it's not up for sale at the moment. In the event a trade doesn't complete or an order is placed, the buyer will have 48 hours to finish the purchase before I no longer hold it for them.***

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