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Has It Been Fixed?


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So back around September I ended up quitting do to the fact that for months straight I couldn't play due to the Evolution Engine crashes. So anyways to keep it simple.. Has this issue been addressed/fixed? After distracting myself with other games I've finally considered giving this a shot again.

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Yea, it was simple. I would log into game and every time after exactly 5 minutes the game would crash with the error notification "Evolution /engine has stopped working."


I waited for months for a fix then just gave up and went on to greener fields. I literally tried everything in my power on my side to fix it and nothing worked. Every single 'quick-fix' suggested did nothing for me. All my drivers were up to date, ect, ect.. Multiple others had the exact same issue as me and all we could do was wait. Point blank it was a very frustrating situation just waiting and waiting for a fix, hence I called it quits as I had lost my patience.


Anyways my hardware is such:

OS - Windows 7 home Premium x64

MOBO - ASRock Z77 Professional

CPU - i7-3770K @ 4.5ghz

RAM - 16GB Corsair DDR3 Ram @ 1600mhz

GPU - EVGA GeForce GTX 660Ti FTW+

Storage *1 - Samsung 840 Pro Series 128 GB SSD

Storage *2 - Western Digital Black 500GB 7200RPM


Well above the bar for running this game, and I always keep everything up to date and smooth running as well.

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