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Wrath Of The Gods - Warframe - [Assessment]


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Greetings players,

I'm Sonicz, The Warlord In-Charge Of The WrathOfTheGods Clan, here to address you about my clan's assessment.

If you have any interest in looking up and check more about our clan, Please do click on my profile and search for the related topic that I have written for WrathOfTheGods' Recruitment.

For here, I'm just going to give you a detailed assessment and analysis of my clan.


WrathOfTheGods is a strict clan which only chooses the most suitable candidates to be in the clan. We believe in building a clan which is invincible in Offence/Defence/Survival/Tank/Intellectual/Quick-Thinking/Organizing.


Requirements To Participate:

1) Friendly

2) Responsible

3) Honest


Rules That We Regulate In The Clan Strongly:

1) No Vulgarities

2) No Intention Of Hurting Other Players In Both Verbal/Physical.

3) Understand Your Roles Well

4) Be Confident In Making The Right Moves.

5) Be Active (If you are inactive/or inactive for a certain period, you will be excused up to 6-months of leave. Leave will be renewed once you return. )

6) Be Honest and Loyal.


Once you have been entered the clan, you will need a clan key to the dojo. But the most important details have yet to come. You will need to understand the ranking system of the entire clan dojo.


The Hierachy Of The WrathOfTheGods


Advanced Infantry/Battalion


Warrior: Players who have recently joined the clan are named Warriors. They are excused for being inexperienced as such they have many to learn from their peers and seniors. 


Elite Warrior: Warriors who exemplifies well in the clan in terms of loyalty/experience or passing well in a test given by the War Department *


*War-Department are the group of high ranking officials that are in-charge of war intelligence and council arrangements.*


Gifted Warrior: Warriors that have recently joined that proves skills that surpasses their peers in a huge noticeable scale. These are the warriors that have the potential to be in the WarDepartment.




Lieutenant: Lieutenants are specially-trained Elite warriors/Gifted warriors that understands the roles of each ranks well and qualify to be in the War-Department. They are junior-officers in the War-Department that can assist their leaders in their respective divisions. The activities that each division carries out are different but some routines remained the same as it suits the different theme of the divisions.


Captain: Captains are highly-trained individuals that are only chosen by the War-Council and at least received a recommendation by four or other current captains. Captains are the leaders of their divisions and uphold the reputation of their divisions as well as the clan. They are also one of the strongest tennos/players in the clan. Captains are assigned to protect their division members like a family. But it can also applies to different divisions' members. Captains are the strongest in terms of Offence/Defence/Agility/Intellectual/Moral-values/Leadership.


Elite-Captain: Elite Captains are captains that are pending, potential-selected candidates for the Captain-Commander Post. They are still captains but who passes the Captain-Commander Test but are awaiting for the votes in the War-Council.


Captain-Commander: Captain-Commander is the leader who is incharge of the entire captains in the clan. He is also knowned as the General and "Father Of War". As the rank speaks, It holds a high amount of responsibility and power to be in-charge. The skills of the Captain-Commander in WrathOfTheGods and the power far surpasses all of the captains in the war-industry. Upon revealing the test to be a captain-commander, The Captain needs to be able to defeat all the captains under the Head's Supervision in a one-on-one match to be eligible for the Captain-Commander Post.


The War Marshal : The War Marshal is the undisputed leader reigning the empire of WrathOfTheGods. He gives out the rules and creates policies within the War-Council and Clan. If the rules changes, It'll be under the breath of the Marshal. Don't be fooled to see The War Marshal as another ordinary clan-member or player, He is powerful enough to keep the clan under control. Noted to be the strongest warrior in the entire WrathOfTheGods' Generations, The War Marshal is proven to be " The Juggernaut" without a false evidence. To challenge the War Marshal, would be to challenge a god. The War Marshal gives out commands and executes commands within the War-Department as well.


There will be gantry requirements set-up for the clan. 

Will be released soon!



- The War Marshal

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WrathOfTheGods - Warframe - Assessment (II)


As the gods invoked their wrath, they sent the tennos to eradicate all evil and triumphs.

Beside the respective Divisions, They are the themes that represents each division.


Juggernaut's Division: Eradication 

(Juggernaut's Division represents the Captain's Division Team/a.k.a OperationOverpower  Captain-Commander/War Marshal as the leader of the Division)


First Division      - War        (OperationStormHawk)

Second Division - Hatred   (OperationFireStorm)

Third Division     - Pain        (OperationVengeance)

Fourth Division   - Despair  (OperationDisruption)

Fifth Division       - Trauma   (OperationScorpion)

Sixth Division      - Revolution (OperationSteelRhino) 

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WrathOfTheGods - Warframe - Assessment (III)


Division's Design System (DDS)


In a division, It normally executes the commands of its captain or lieutenants (aka vice-captain) in promising the sustainability of the reputation of the clan. Captains and Lieutenants can send divisions in a practice run in the obstacle course, Dueling arena, Missions in other planets. To give a challenge for the division, Captains and Lieutenants are spoken to provide the best challenge for each individual warriors in its division. If the clan's integrity is compromised in a form of external intrusion or assault, Divisions are sent to tackle the missions accordingly and becomes the barricades of the Clan. For example in a case of Solar Rail/Dark Sector Dispute, Divisions are alerted at the fastest time to solve the dispute. If there is no other ordered missions to carry out, Divisions can be as relaxed and cheerful like other normal clans. But though they are relaxed and cheerful, they are all practiced by heart to understand the true motto of the WrathOfTheGods and it's moral-teachings and values.


Note: Within a division, There will be a maximum of 8 members including the captain and lieutenant. 


All warriors/elitewarriors/giftedwarriors has to greet their commanders as Sir/Ma'am. We believe it is to practice respect and loyalty throughout each divisions within the clan. 


Division's Uniform Design And Managing Department (DUDMD)

The head of the War-Council and War-Department will be in-charge of leading this department. This idea of the department is released on November 2013 by The War Marshal and under the acknowledgement of the War-Council. 

Division's uniform is extremely important in Division's Identification System(DIS)* and plays an important part in bringing out the reputation of the clan. By able to understand the uniforms within alert missions and void missions/ key missions, Divisions are able to act out swiftly without hesitation. Here, I will list the Divisions and the uniforms of the entire clan.


Juggernaut's Division (OperationOverpower) 

Captains : Pure Orange, Orange Energy.

Captain-Commander: Pure Dark Red, Red Energy

The War Marshal : Pure Blue, Blue Energy.


( Work in progress )

Edited by Sonicz
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WrathOfThegods - Warframe - Assessment (IV)


Policies And Law Managing System (PLMS)


In the case of rules broken/ Clan's Integrity being compromised due to internal conflict and disputes such as overthrowing/internal-riot, The War-Council leads the Policies and law Managing system strictly with the War-Department's Discussion team. Breaking the rules within the clan is not tolerable however if it's an unintentional act or have yet to breach the three warning system. Defiant Warriors will have their names discussed with the War-Council and War-Department's Head. Warriors might have to subjected to fine or expel depends on the degree of the offence. The War-Council keeps the information confidential, hence the inability of revealing the punishments carried out towards the defiant warriors. 

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