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Upgrade Rooms / Change Rooms


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Something that bugs me in warframe DOJO is the ability to NOT upgrade rooms. I am building my own dojo (cause I can) and I come to the problem that I  COULD connect two rooms together IF I had a T connection room insted of a L shaped connection room. How can I not upgrade that room to go from a L to a T?or even to a Cross connection room?

I would love to upgrade them like that.

Better than that. Change the rooms... Like... If you have space for it, change a T or X connection room Into a small garden room. Shouls be possible since they are the same scale (being that they are the same length, not shape, but same length on all the doors and what not)

This is something I feel could be easy for the DOJO devs to do, though I guess its alot of work to make it possible (since I have no idea when it comes to programming and such)

But please.. We need something like this. Could be useful for all dojos that DONT want to wreck half their dojo in order to change ONE room from a T shape to a X shape or to a garden, just to be able to build more. 

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