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Valkyr's Hysteria Bugs


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I'm posting this here because I think it is the right tab for Warframe ability bugs (if not I would appreciate if someone told me where to post bug reports for the DE saff to see).


Well I may be repeating here what,I asume, a considerable amount of players have reported that Valkyr's Hysteria doesn't do as much damage as it used to. Through testing I have found out that the skills melee multiplier does not affect it (subsequnetly Steel Charge does not affect the claw dmg aswell) and that the weapon equiped again does not affect the ability (as it was supposed to ever since U12). Also the ability, since the latest hotfix, has a very slow attack animation if I have not pre-equiped my melee weapon (once I do so it adjusts to the weapons speed) and also upon the ability ending all the finishers with whatever melee weapon I have equiped are replaced with Hysteria's ones (also Hysteria's Finishers only do 10 damage by base).


These issues have occured ever since U13 and subsequent hotfixes were dropped. I hope this can be addressed in the next hotfix.

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