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Carnage Is Recruiting!


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Are you tired of running 5 waves of ODD and then having everyone quit out?

Are you frustrated when you're running a Survival and even getting to 5 minutes seems like an eternity?

Is no one ever on in your clan?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need a clan.  You need Carnage.  We currently have 30 spots available and have cast our eyes towards Update 13.  We're looking for dedicated Tenno that enjoy playing Warframe.  Tenno that can laugh at one another, enjoy helping each other out, and like to run ODD, ODS, T1-T3 missions and alerts.


Carnage was the number 2 Storm clan during the Cicero Crisis.  The members we currently have are all about teamwork and having fun.  We are a mature (sort of) clan with mostly adult members.  We are looking for experienced players that like to run things together and are up for just about anything.  We're also happy to take in inexperienced players provided that they have an open ear and are willing to learn.


All Clan research is complete and we're getting ready for Update 13.  So, what are you waiting for?  Join us!


You can either post here or contact me in game. (DDyBryan)


Happy Hunting!

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An update over some of our more interesting exploits this week:


-We've accepted a few new recruits, we've taken them on much more than they could possibly handle.  We think they liked it.

-We actually managed to run into the G3 a few more times.  Much rejoicing was had, they dropped nothing.  But we were beginning to think they no longer existed.

-We've run ODD and T3 survival more times than we care to admit.

-We've taxied so many bodies to so many alerts.

-Many jokes were had at each other's expense

-Much sleep deprivation was experienced


Curious?  Find me in game or post here.  We're gearing up for U13, are you?

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