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Vr Horde Suggestion


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Test your might Tenno! I had this idea a while ago during a defense on some Corpus planet where the map was just one massive square at the foot of a huge dam. Me and my buddy got to talking about how disappointing it is that this massive map was wasted on defense. You just sit in one spot and this big beautiful map just goes to waste. 


So here's what I would like. A game type thats a sort of VR training room where Tenno can go to test their power. It would be set in large open areas like the dam mentioned above. The player can choose exactly what they want to fight because its a simulation. You can choose starting level, faction (one or all of the factions at the same time), and even choose to set nightmare modifiers on. Enemies scale as waves progress just like survival or endless defense. There are no air canisters to worry about and nothing to defend you fight the enemies in waves and every fifth wave a boss from that faction will appear along with a bunch of the little normals. If you choose to fight several factions then you will fight several bosses every fifth wave. 


This would be a wonderful way for players to compete against each other, how many waves did you make it? or how many bosses did you beat? or how many modifiers did you have on? It would also be a great way to level gear for higher level players. Whenever I get a new weapon or frame I do what I imagine most people do and I going running to Apollodorus to level my stuff quick on lots of weak enemies, but every now and then I'll jump in with a few other high level players like my self and then there will be some mastery rank 0 or 1 player and I feel terrible. I know that we are going to drag that poor guy kicking and screaming to 30 or 40 minutes and then one of their first memories of the game is some high level jerks who killed every thing around them while they just sat in the corner and died a lot. This VR training thing would give me a place to go and just fight hordes of things and get my experience without stepping on anybodies feet. I'm not sure what should be done with drops in this mode but there probably shouldn't be any besides ammo. This is all about testing yourself against swarms of enemies and bosses to see how far you could make it with the gear you've got.  

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