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I used to pick on Vay Hek. You know, basically farming him to get the Stalker to show up or even to just pick on him. I always thought little of him, so it never bothered me to just keep killing him. After some weeks, I noticed that the Stalker wouldn't come after me anymore if I killed just Vay Hek. Any time he did show up, it was not for Vay Hek. I eventually got to the point where I stopped killing Vay Hek, which people tend to do after pretty much any boss.


Now, this was around when I started to gather Prime stuff, both weapons and frames. I had wanted Ember Prime for quite some time and I would (before I stopped killing Vay Hek) alternate between the Void and attempting to get Stalker-senpai to notice me. After a couple of weeks (again), I got the majority of Prime stuff, including all but just one piece of Ember Prime. Her helmet (of course). I refuse to trade for it, since I'm extremely determined to get it myself (although the other crap I've been getting is just piling up).


More time passed and I couldn't help but to think about how badly the RNG is refusing me now of both the Stalker and of Ember Prime's helmet, after all the keys I've gone through and the weeks of farming bosses. And then it came to me, the shocking realization: "Did you really believe it would be this easy?!"

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