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Wts Mods, Prime And Keys

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Tier 2 survival and exterminate keys 2p each or 3 for 5p


Stance mods


Brutal Tide 30p

Cleaving Whirlwind 20p

Clashing forest 3p

Reaping Spiral 2p

Fracturing wind 1p

Burning Wasp 1p


Corrupted mods


Max Heavy Cal 350p

Max Blind rage 350p

Fleeting expertise 20p


Rare mods


Whirlwind 22p

Berzerker 20p

Natural Talent 18p

Quick Thinking 15p

Sanctuary 12p

Hell's chamber 10p

Barrel Diffusion 10p

Split Chamber 10p

Metal Auger 10p
Coolant Leak 8p

Flow 5p

Intensify 5p

Continuity 5p


PM in game or post here

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