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Wts Prime Parts And Mods

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PM me


I can trade for Rage.


Prime parts:


-Boar p receiver (7) 5pt

-Boar p stock (1) 5pt

-Boar bp (5) 5pt


-Boltor p receiver (1) 5pt

-Boltor stock (4) 3pt


-Braton p stock (1) 5pt


-Bronco p barrel (1) 5pt

-Bronco p receiver (1) pt


-Burston p barrel (12) 5pt

-Burston p stock (6) 5pt


-Dakra p handle (1) 5pt

-Dakra p BP (2) 5pt


-Ember p chassis(5) 5pt

-Ember p helmet (5) 5pt

-Ember p BP (2) 5pt


-Fang p blade (3) 10pt

-Fang p hanlde (2) 10pt

-Fang p BP (1) 10pt


-Frost p chassis (5) 5pt

-Frost p helmet (1) 10pt


-Glaive p blade (1) 10pt

-Glaive p disc (7) 5pt


-Latron p receiver (1) 5pt

-Latron p stock (1) 5pt


-Lex p BP(1) 20pt


-Mag p chassis (7) 3pt

-Mag p Bp (5) 3pt


-Orthos p blade (3) 15pt

-Orthos p handle (3) 10pt


-Paris p Lower Limb (6) 5pt

-Paris p upper Limb (3) 5pt

-Paris String (2) 5pt

-Paris bp (1) 10pt


-Reaper blade (1) 10pt

-Reaper handle (3) 5pt

-Reaper BP (5) 3pt


-Rhino p systems (4) 5pt


-Sicarus p barrel (4) 5pt




- Spoiled strike (1) 10pt

- Heavy caliber (2) 12pt

- Corrupt charge (2) 10pt

- Hollow point (3) 6pt

- Tainted clip (1) 10pt

- Tainted shell (2) 10pt



-Streamline 10pt

-Continuity 10pt

-Fired up 5pt

-Flow 10pt

-Ravage 10pt

-Power Trow 5pt

-Sundering strike 10pt

-Vital sense 10pt

-Steady hands 10pt

-Heavy Trauma 10pt

-Vigor 10pt

-constitution 10pt




-Brutal tide 20pt

-Cleaving whirlwind 20pt

-Coiling viper 8pt

-Iron phoenix 20pt

-bleeding willow 25pt

-Homing fan 30pt

-Fracturing wind 4pt

-Reaping spiral 5pt

-Sundering waves 10pt

-Shattering storm 20pt



-Energy siphon 10pt

-Steel charge 10pt

-Physique 5pt

-Sniper scavenger 5pt

-Speed holster 5pt




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