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A Tenno In Need, A Friend Indeed



  Well it came to my attention at 4 A.M. this morning, that there seemed to be an Army of New Players on,and a lot of them seemed frustrated, lost, and finally reached the point where they raged quit...

 I know it can be hard on some, when people run from Point A to B, kill everything, go to Extraction, and just plain ignore you like your simply dead weight.

  Well I'm here to help any of those Newly awaken Tenno that need it, but don't expect me to hold you hand.


  I won't send you off to some site, tell you to get better, or go home, but I'll watch your back, explain things to you, how things work, what some good tactics are, if you want to solo things etc.

  Just send me a Friend Request, and we'll go from there.  Good Luck

  (Keep in mind, I charge 10 Platinum an hour, lol j/k)

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I think this would do more good posted to in-game chat channels. If they are THAT new and frustrated then most of them likely won't be heading to the forums. 

I agree, but at 4 A.M. that chat is more like a brothel, an no one bothers to listen to normal words, lol

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