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Trading Window Broken?


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So ever since U13 rolled out I've encountered an error with the trade window not updating.


Basically what happens if I can't see what the other party is offering and conversely they can't see what I'm offering. The trade windows are completely empty. This doesn't update until the trade has been accepted by both parties and the items change hands. (the animation of the windows trading places)


Not seen this issue brought up yet so I thought I'd post here.


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I know this is an old topic, but this same issue has come up for me.  I am unable to trade at the moment as no one can see any items I place in the trade windows.


I submitted a support ticket two days ago, but until days/weeks pass where it is addressed, I am left without a way to either trade with guildmates/players or progress in slot addition without buying the platinum.


These are images taken from both sides of the trade window at the same time as a test:




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