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Weapon Idea: Microwave Rifle, Radiation And Toxin Damage


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Microwave gun that deals Radiation and Toxin damage.


Radiation elemental damage causes Confusion to victims, doing both effects, reducing accuracy and causes the victim to target other enemies. Enemies under the effect will also be targeted by their own allies.It works similarly but is less reliable to Nyx' Chaos ability. The Radiation status effect is visually noticeable as blue flashes on the affected unit. This is Good against Grinner and Corpus.


Toxin Damage or Poison Damage is one of the four primary elemental damage types. Weapons that deal poison damage are referred to as "Toxin" damage whereas mods refer to it as "Poison". Toxin damage bypasses shields.

Toxin damage's unique status effect is a Toxin DoT, which deals 50% of your weapon or power's base damage per tick (9 ticks in 8 seconds).



Mastery Level: 5

Weapon Type: Rifle

Trigger Type : Continuous

Firing Rate: 12.0

Magazine Size: 120

Reload Time: 3.2 seconds

Overall Damage: 18 { Radiation=7.5, Toxin=7.5Impact=1, Puncture=1, Slash=1}

Crit Chance: 15%

Crit Damage: 250%

Status Chance: 50%


Polarities: None


The weapon will fire large micro waves like these:


free upload image



Here's what the gun  will look like:


img upload


Or These:




This Weapon will have a really good status chance of 50%. Status is under used in Warframe and i think that we should take full advantage of this mechanic. When using most rifles you barley status.  Meaning that with almost every shot it will confuse enemies or poison them, or  both. A well as that, it will have a good fire rate of 12.0. It also has a decent crit chance.



This weapon only has a damage of 18, which is kind of low for any weapon. It also has a reload speed of 3.2 seconds, the longest reload speed of all weapons.

It has no polarities, which means forma and or a catalyst will be in order.



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