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Zerg Rush - International Clan


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ZERG RUSH was originally a Shadow Clan of friends led by Engelheim, RebornsAlmark, and GateOfBabylon dedicated mostly towards running defense and void missions, however since then we have expanded to a Storm Clan. We attempt to offer a more personalized environment than larger clans; more on that later.
We are an English speaking clan with the majority of our members in America and Europe, however we are striving to be a more international clan with members around the world. Anyone from any country is welcome, however a basic understanding of English is required for communication purposes.
We also have a Steam group if you're interested. If you want to be active in the clan decision making I highly recommend joining the Steam group as announcements, decisions, helpful information, and noteworthy alerts/invasions (if I catch them) will be posted there.
  • Personalized Environment - We work hard to keep a close, friendly atmosphere in the clan. This is done by keeping a steady number of online members at any given time, without being overwhelming like with larger sized clans.
  • No Pressures - Everyone plays the game at their own pace. You won’t be expected to join in any events or squads. However, you are expected to log in at least once every 40 days. If you cannot log in for whatever reason, please contact a clan officer (preferably a clan leader) and inform them beforehand.
  • International - Meet cool people from around the world! Also find a party with your clan at any time, although clan chat maybe hard to notice so try whispering sometimes.
  • Advice - Many of our members are above mastery rank 8 and are experienced Warframe players, myself currently being mastery rank 13; many members can offer good knowledge and answer most questions regarding Warframe.
  • Networking - Not satisfied playing with random people? We make sure that every member is friendly and mature. Haven't had to kick anyone for unfriendly behavior yet!
  • Star Map - Many of our members have the whole star chart unlocked, and will be happy to taxi you to any location. Many of our veteran members have a lot of experience with the game in general as well, so if you need anything, ask around.
  • Dojo – Our Dojo is basically 100% complete and all clan tech research is always up to date.
  • Emblem - The clan emblem has been completed. However, we may be changing it to be more "Zerg-like" in the near future...
Warlord - RebornsAlmark
General - Engelheim (Founder, currently inactive for reasons)
General - GateOfBabylon
Officer - Grim_Shadow
Sage - tahrox
Sage (EUR) - InfinitexL
Sage (NA) - Izeck
Sage (AS) - shiftkey128
Generally there are around 4-8 members online from GMT 10:00 to 22:00. At all other times there are around 2-4 members online. Although this has probably changed now as the school semester has started. Activity, of course, increases during weekends, holidays, Warframe events, and new updates.
Notably, ZERG RUSH composes of mostly active Warframe players as any member who is inactive for over 40 days without notice will be automatically booted.
Any in-active booted member who wishes to return to the clan are welcomed to rejoin, just message a clan leader (preferably RebornsAlmark).
Our main goal is to enhance the playing experience of the game by offering easy access to groups and friends. As such, even though we are a Storm Clan (100 max members), we put an emphasis on quality and mature players.
For players that may find it uncomfortable to have dozens of clan members online at a single time; don't worry. We ensure that a set amount of players are recruited from different regions of the world via soft quotas (which is why providing us with your country of current residence is a required). This quota attempts to create a stable amount of activity throughout the day so things don't get too chaotic and finding a group to play with is easier.
We also want to make the clan accessible to everyone. Both casual and hardcore players are welcome, as such diversity is expected for an international clan. We only ask that you observe the clan rules and be active.
Our main goal is to have a international clan with members, more or less, equally distributed throughout the world. I find that people from other countries are truly interesting to play and talk with, and I hope that you do too!
  • Be chill - help out your buddies, be respectful, and just have a good time.
  • Speak English in the clan chat, this is to avoid confusion and have a universal language of communication.
  • Pruning Policy - members whom haven't logged in for 40 days or more will be expelled from the clan unless informing a higher ranking officer with a valid reason (such as real life issues). Note that we expect an eventual return and will kick if inactivity surpasses a half of a year, if you are kicked for inactivity and return to Warframe, you are welcomed to rejoin the clan by contacting a clan leader (preferably RebornsAlmark).
If you're interested in joining please leave a post with your country of current residence and I'll invite you. Alternatively you can PM me in-game, although posting a post here is highly suggested for the quickest response.
Please note, POST YOUR COUNTRY OF CURRENT RESIDENCE. Where you are is very important for our international clan which has soft quotas.
Also, make sure that you are not in a clan or have a pending invite, or else an invite will not go through.
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Important notices:

  • Currently up to date with all clan tech research, and generally we will have new research begun within 1-3 days of a new batch of clan tech.
  • We are not in an alliance, and probably will opt out of joining one until any further notable changes are done to the Dark Sectors.
  • ZERG RUSH's first year anniversary is coming up soon, we've been around since Warframe went open Beta.
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i would like to join the clan

South east asia    



Applying for membership! I'm on the East Coast in USA.



Hey! Can I join? UK



Hi dude, your clan sounds awesome. I would like to join. My name is Cyberspace100


btw, i live in Australia

Invite sent to all of you.

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