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Prime Parts For Sale

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Prime Part: All Parts and BP's 10plat each

2 Akbronco Prime BP

2 Boar Prime BP

Boar Prime Receiver

Boar Prime Stock

Boltor Prime Stock

Braton Prime Barrel

Braton Prime Stock

Braton Prime Receiver

Burston Prime Barrel

Dakra Prime Blade

Ember Prime Helmet BP

Fang Prime Blade

2 Frost Prime Helmet BP

Latron Prime Barrel

2 Latron Prime BP

3 Latron Prime Receiver

Latron Prime Stock

Lex Prime Barrel

Mag Prime BP

Mag Prime Chassis BP

Mag Prime Systems BP

Orthos Prime Handle

2 Paris Prime Lower Limb

Reaper Handle

2 Reaper Prime BP

3 Sicarus Prime BP


Mods: All mods 5plat each (unless otherwise stated)

9 Burning Wasp (2plat)

Charged Chamber

2 Clashing Forest

Energy Channel

3 Focus Energy

2 Fortitude

Fracturing Wind

Master Thief (15plat)

2 Power Throw

2 Reaping Spiral

Reflex Guard

3 Stabilizer

Steady Hands

2 Streamline

3 Sundering Strike

Swirling Tiger

2 Thunderbolt


2 Wildfire



Delta Beacon (15plat)


PM me if interested.

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I will update the list as I get new stuff so if you do not see what you are looking for check back later and it may be here (no promises though as RNG doesn't always play nice). If it has a strike through then I no longer have it but have not gotten rid of it on the list since there is always a chance to get more.

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