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Your Top Mods Filtered By Item Type


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Many a day I find myself on the wiki looking up random mods that I hear about on the forums and in the clan chat, etc. And most of the time it's the same names over and over. I'm talking about mods such as Fleeting Expertise and Streamline, etc.


Now I have come to know most of the mods that are sought after, well, at least I think I have.


Which is why I am here, asking you for your time. When you start, you don't know what the hell a mod is and somewhere along the line you're going to know all of them. (If you're dedicated enough) It's particularly annoying when reaching 5-6 stars on a weapon as you really don't know if you're going to be using a different mod in the future. So at what point do we really know which mods are the best ones?


Well - hopefully now.


Take your time, give some names. I'm not looking for a detailed 1 - 10 for each item type, but if you wish to post such things it will only be advantageous.


So, I'm looking for an ultimate top 10 conclusion for each item type (Frame/Rifle, etc) Or at least some good opinions.


Thanks, and PS, this isn't only to help me, I'm sure a lot of people will benefit from the advice received.

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