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Spectre Frame And Capes/cloaks/hoods


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Two things:


First of all, a frame idea: Spectre

I don't know the gender, and I don't have any abilities cemented down, but he would be a heavily stealth based frame whose abilites don't alert enemies to your position when used, unlike every single other frame (let's be honest that's kind of stupid, especially for stealth based frames like Ash and Banshee.)


His abilities would reflect the abilities of ghosts, for example an ability called 'Phase Shift" in which Spectre turns invisible, is invincible (bullets pass through him/her,) and can pass through enemies, other frames, certain structures, etc. Spectre would also become more mobile and be able to jump higher and move faster. However, while in this state, Spectre cannot do damage to enemies.


"Possession" would be another ability, and hopefully that's self explanatory.


I don't have any other ability ideas though, so if anyone wants to jump in there, be my guest.



Second, as an aesthetic thing similar to syndanas, could we have things like hoods and cloaks and capes as an option? I'm mostly hoping for the hoods and cloaks, but if any wants a cape, then there's that. This would work especially well with a frame like Nekros, because you could make him look more like a reaper. But yeah, that's it. Have fun with that.

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